Equipment Inspection and Troubleshooting

Every business needs the agility to react quickly to the constantly changing business environment and to improve the performance of its operation. A key enabler for this is the automation of decision making, expertise, and business rules and processes via Business Rules Automation.

Suppliers of industrial plant and machinery providing support services to customers can benefit from using this technology via mobile applications for field based engineers and support specialists in the areas of equipment inspection and assessment, troubleshooting of operating problems and maintenance support.

Knowledge Capture

Company and domain specific knowledge can be captured from experienced personnel, existing company procedures and documentation and example records or breakdown data and maintenance records. XpertRule Knowledge Builder provides a graphical environment for the implementation of diagnostic rules and workflows which can be augmented by standard calculations, photos, flow diagrams and reference documents. An example of a workflow for troubleshooting equipment problems is shown below:

The graphical environment enables non-IT business users to easily understand and maintain the captured rules in response to, for example, additional diagnostic rules. XpertRule staff have extensive experience with the development of knowledge based systems across business and industrial equipment applications and can provide training and consulting services to capture process troubleshooting, workflow and decision making rules.

Software Deployment

Software applications developed with XpertRule Knowledge Builder can drive a guided process of inspection, diagnosis and troubleshooting for different items of plant and equipment via either a web based interface, mobile device or PC/laptop installation. Supported mobile devices include iOS and Android smartphone or tablet to allow easy access by field based engineers and support specialists.An example mobile interface is shown below.


The use of mobile software applications for diagnostic troubleshooting leverages the expertise of key employees by deploying best practice procedures and decision making across the organisation. Benefits include:

  • Operating problems can be diagnosed and solved more efficiently with increased understanding of unit operations and potential problems.
  • Field based personnel and/or customers have instant 24/7 access to troubleshooting expertise.
  • Rapid deployment on a global basis via web and mobile with support for different language versions.


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